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Billy searched for a new management company with AMG company, as reported by Rolling Stone after leaving Q Prime back in November of 1998.

The band decided to stay low, still relishing their vacation from worldwide touring during the Adore summer tour and the intense recording sessions. Plans for a return to the studio were undecided, but rumors flew about that the band had already been recording. In any case, details about the upcoming album were kept away from public knowledge, and even the most hardcore fans were in the dark. Only an indication that the new sound would resemble a band named "Mountain" was stated by Billy.

Grammy nominations on the 5th award the band with one nomination for "Best Alternative Performance" with their album Adore. Billy also received "Best Rock Song" for his work on "Celebrity Skin" by Hole.

Rocktropolis reported on the 11th that Billy Corgan's America Online account has been hacked into and the hackers caused Billy's celebrity friends who he communicated with to be in panic as well.

Rolling Stone reported on the 15th that the band was close to re-hiring their former drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, after he was ousted due to a drug-related incident in July of 1996. However, no official word had been given.


After weeks of rumors about drummer Jimmy Chamberlin's return to the band, the Los Angeles Times,, and SPIN magazine confirmed his return from a "source". No press releases were issued from the band.

Sonicnet reported that Billy and the band had done about forty hours of recorded music in the studio and were slated to have at least one song or more for the film "Stigmata" with Patricia Arquette.


Princeton University music history professor, Peter Jeffery, sued the band alleging hearing loss sustained at the New Haven Coliseum, CT show on January 25, 1997 during the MCIS tour. Jefferey claimed that even after applying earplugs, he still lost a portion of his hearing due to the loud sounds. Jefferey sued the band for $150,000, the city, and the venue.

James Iha and Fountains of Wayne/Ivy band member Fountains of Wayne/Ivy leader Adam Schlesinger open a recording studio, Stratosphere Sound, based in New York. Scratchie Records band Fulflej is the first band set to record material there.

Billy and his father played a benefit show at the Metro dubbed "The First Waltz". Other performers included longtime friend Rick Neilsen.

The Pumpkins announced an eight-date club tour of the United States in venues as small as the Double Door from their hometown. The tour is widely believed as a test for new material and as a reunion of drummer Jimmy.


Jimmy confirms his long-rumored return to the band after being outsted in July of '96 in a Sonicnet article.

The soundcheck and the first four songs from St. Andrew's Place in Detroit, Michigan was broadcasted in a live webcast on the 10th. The webcast was largely to support and promote the new and official site for the band, Official Smashing Pumpkins.

The Pumpkins continued on their small club tour reviving old favorite such as "La Dolly Vita" and "Geek USA". The highlights of these shows included a debut of several new songs to appear on a more hard-edged album.


The band was honored on the 24th of the month at the Make a Wish Foundation annual charity wish ball. They were recognized for their show last summer that raised .5 million dollars, the largest single donation for the organization.


Bassist D'arcy celebrated her 31st birthday on the 1st of the month.

The band's official site announced plans for an Adore Documentary, a new video that will encompass footage from the international Adore tour last summer that caught the band in a variety of venues.


The site also announced that Natalie Imbruglia has completed work on "Identify", one of the tracks from Billy Corgan and Mike Garson (a keyboardist for David Bowie) on the upcoming "Stigmata" soundtrack. The CD will also feature forty-one minutes of music from the pair.

Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin celebrated his 35th birthday on the 10th.

A variety of online resources reported that the new album would feature MCIS producer Flood, and the progress was quoted to be "60%".


Online CD sellers reported that 10 of eighteen tracks from the upcoming Stigmata soundtrack were to feature frontman Billy along with other artists for a August 24th release.

Billy and James held a live Internet chat from their official website, on July 14th. The Gish chat allowed fans to ask a mix of Gish inquiries, and an autographed symbol was given to a fan who correctly answered a trivial question.

The official site announced that (t)here magazine, a new publication of pictures and words dedicated to projects among artists, featured four articles from frontman Billy Corgan and accompanying pictures from girlfriend Yelena.

A press release was issued on Virgin Records USA's web site that the new Pumpkins album was to appear in February 2000. The SPIFC slated the album release for the 1st of February, and cited unexpected delays and complications. The release date settled flying rumors of an October release.


The Pumpkins continue their intense recording sessions in a Chicago studio with newly returned drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. The band reveals little information to the press, but most of the buzz reveals that the sound would be much different than previous releases.

Billy contributes a 40 minute instrumental suite to the soundtrack of "Stigmata", a feature film with Patricia Arquette. He also did the song "Identify" with Australian star Natalie Imbruglia. The song was released for radio play shortly thereafter.


Stemming from delayed store merchandise shipping and a variety of server problems, the official site for the Smashing Pumpkins goes offline.

The Pumpkins issue a press release entitled "D'arcy's Gone!" that reveals the departure of founding member and bassist D'arcy. The band explained that she wished to pursue her other artistic endeavors such as working with indie bands, acting, and tending to her farm.

Fans and close friends speculated that the band's new album, slated for a February 2000 release, would not be adversely affected.

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