The Smashing Pumpkins Chronology
The Gish Era

1991 - 1992

The Pumpkins began their first year as arguably a real band. They released their debut album, Gish, on an indie label that went on to sell thousands of copies beyond expectations. After the release of Gish, the Pumpkins did their first major tour. The band does many in-store acoustic appearances.

The band appeared in Barcelona at KGB, Japanese TV, and "BBC Late Show" in the UK.

The Pumpkins were also featured on the "Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" with their song "Drown." The soundtrack was extremely popular.

The band was also on a compilation that had the same tracks as the Peel Session CD single. The compilation was called "The Year of the Spectacle" with "Siva", "A Girl Named Sandoz", and "Smiley" released on Hut/Strange Fruit.

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