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It's thank-you time, and I'd like to publicly acknowledge several individuals who maintain excellent and informative web sites, are very willing and caring people, and encouraged and helped me in this exhaustive and long research endeavor.

  • Joshua Provost, the man who brings you starla, for allowing me space on his own server, helpful tips, great motivation, and intelligent insight. Josh also edited and examined several of the early text drafts for the site, and pointed me in the right directions.

  • Dave Asselin of Cloudhopping and The Smashing Pumpkins Discography. His extensive Tour History provided much background on some of the major tour dates and it was instrumental in organizing the information on past tours. His thorough text discography also offered additional information on the important and significant releases.

  • Eric Agnew, the mastermind behind the late Luna, for showcasing excellent information, the comprehensive FAQ, and an all-around fantastic web resource. I know Mr. Agnew still lives and hasn't fallen off the face of the earth just yet :>

  • Steve Hemming of The Smashing Pumpkins Collection for maintaining a very helpful and thorough visual discography. A few images and many cross-links to specific areas used in the site with permission.

  • Mark Andrew Hamilton of Jackboot for his permission to cross-link and another great resource for bootlegs and shows.

  • Chris Carman of for the useage of some images on the site as well as some information from archive articles.

  • Mike Potential of Limited Potential for hilarious early pictures of the band.

  • Craig Lefort and John Riviello for thorougly reviewing the site and submitting feedback regularly. Both of them have given me specific comments and pointed out mistakes and also provided excellent suggestions.

  • Rajiv Aggarwal of Brimful of Cornershop: The Mailing List in helping in some review and critique of the site

  • Addicted to Noise for their frequent reports and updates on the band. Also thanks to the many other magazines and sources such as Rolling Stone and MTV for their support in the past.

  • Nikki Christoff of Nikki's Smashing Pumpkins Newsstand for keeping articles.

If you can contribute significant information and images to this site, you will be properly credited.

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