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Most of the information presented in the text is inferred and derived from magazine articles, interviews, and reviews. However, they are not always entirely accurate. If you find any portion of text that is inaccurate, please email me and cite a source that will correct the information.

I'm always looking to expand the early eras, especially the Siamese Dream Era and earlier, since most people are fairly familiar with the band history after the MCIS Era. If you can add any meaningful and useful text to any of the Eras, that would be a great help as well.

Again, this is a site was made solely for the benefit and informational purposes of the fans. I really would appreciate all the help I can receive to make this the best site of a band's history. It would be much appreciated to receive the help from members of the community.

Please also notify me if any link is broken, a graphic is not functioning correctly, or if something is missing. But, if you have a question, please fully explore the site and see if your question is not already answered. If not, please do email me.

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