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This site began evolving about eight months ago. Josh Provost and I had discussed creating a comprehensive band history resource. Our goal became cleaer when the basic chronology at The Burlap Pumpkin Page went offline. The project soon became a solo effort as Josh became too deeply entrenched in other projects.

I had to first tackle the content of the site, the primary stage in a design for a web site. I spent countless hours scrutinizing and extracting every bit of information from magazines articles, interviews, news, reviews, etc. I highlighted all the important material and then finally sorted them in a very long text file.

This was the same procedure for all five of the Eras, some of which were extremely lengthy. Once this initial stage of the site was complete, the remainder was simple. I gathered and applied images where necessary and cross-linked everything together.

My chief goal was for this site to be a reference site, an area of the web where it might end some disputes over past information, give people more background on the dark and long history of the band, and also to enhance the understanding of even the most die-hard fan.

The site design and layout wasn't intended to be glamerous, and it certainly is not. I had wanted people to admire the Chronology only for its content and information it provided, I chose not to include any sort of frames, javascript, shockwave, or any other features.

Some people may argue that this isn't really a "chronology" which is actually true. If you consult an actual chronology of world history, you'll note that it is much briefer and only hits the high points. While I've attempted not to hit *every* point, most of the considerable points made are those that have been mentioned many times in press articles or discussed at length by fans.

As mentioned on the main page, the site will undergo major changes in the coming weeks. Expect a search engine to be added soon as well as more features to make navigation much more efficient. I'm also considering cross-linking to actual news articles where appropriate. All suggestions would be appreciated!

It is important to note that this is a fan-run site and that I have no affiliation with the Smashing Pumpkins, Virgin Records, Billy Corgan, Hut Records, etc. I do not know the band nor any of its management firms.

Enough out of me, enjoy your stay at the Chronology!

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