Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive - 4.10.88 Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be unable to provide the full Archive online at this time. The complete Archive occupies over 3GB of server space and would saturate a 10Mbit connection. I am no longer able to obtain such resources. What you see is the best I can do right now.

If you email me negativly about this, expect to get a reply...a nasty one! I am not above flaming anyone that does not respect that hard work and hard currency I have sunk into maintaining the Archive over the past year and a half.

If you can offer me permanent hosting space of 4GB with more than a T1 connection, as well as the ability to virtual host a domain, please do email me, and you'll become world famous as having saved the Archive once again.

On to the music...


If the end is the beginning is the end, then then 4.10.88 = 11.1.97 = whatever. Welcome to the SPAA's new format, one show or theme each week (or whenever I get around to changing it). This week's feature is 4.10.88. Though the date and circumstances surrounding this show are based on heresay and legend, this is for sure the oldest SP show in circulation. According to popular belief, this show took place at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, was the band's third public show, and first with Jimmy. It was likely taped by Manager Joe Shanahan.

I am currently attempting to find the master of this show by tracing back through generational trees. If you have this show on tape, known gen or not, please email me your name and who you got it from to assist in the search.

Here is the complete show, in all it's glory... (Right-click and choose Save As... to download)

  1. There It Goes
  2. She
  3. My Eternity
  4. Under Your Spell
  5. Bleed (?)
  6. Spiteface
  7. Nothing and Everything

Feel free to email theme or show suggestions and file submissions.


Download list of files in the Archive (204k .xls)