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It's no delusion! You have arrived at the Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive. This is undeniably the best place to enjoy the music of the Smashing Pumpkins. We feature over 440 live and rare full length songs and interviews. Plus, this is your Archive! All of our files originate from dedicated fans like you.

 ( Smashing Pumpkins Desktop Theme v2.1 ) The Archive is currently hosted by Milan de Jong on I would like to thank Milan for saving the Archive by providing his server. You can thank Milan and do yourself a favor by downloading the best Smashing Pumpkins Windows 95 Desktop Theme available, created by Milan. You can download the theme from the Smashing Pumpkins Desktop Theme Homepage. Also, please do not bother Milan directly with questions or problems. Email me, and I will escalate to Milan if necessary.

Milan won't be able to host the Archive forever, though. The Archive needs to find a new home very soon. If you are interested in hosting the Archive or setting up a foreign mirror, see the Server page.

 ( The Burlap Pumpkin Page ) The Archive is proud to announce that we now host The Burlap Pumpkin Page by Simon Coyle. Burlap is the definitive source for the most complete and accurate song list and lyrics. Burlap also features a library of original scans, the complete chronology, and more.

 ( sp top 5 ) The Archive is a partner in the sp top 5 project on Listessa. Each Monday a topical question is asked regarding your favorite Smashing Pumpkins songs. Only Listessa members may vote. Results are posted on Friday, and can be seen at the sp top 5 site, including song links back to the Archive. Each week qualifying files will be marked with an sp5 symbol.