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The Smashing Pumpkins Bootleg Archive:

This site will feature:

Boots Section:
Complete Index of Smashing Pumpkins bootleg CDs - all 107 known ones. Setlists will be divided by show, noted for completion in comparison to other bootleg CDs, and hyperlinked to their respective mp3 files @ fellow'ers, the Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive. 50% of these 107 boots have artwork in. Reviews submitted by our users will be reviewed by Jackboot's maintainers and uploaded/rejected the next day. Don't send them yet, chim chim. We're not online yet. Thanks!

Show Section:
Complete Index of Smashing Pumpkins performances that have appeared on any-of-the-many SP bootleg CDs. Setlists will include the songs that did not make it to CD (songs which aren't on any CD are noted as such). Again, all songs performed in these setlists will be hyperlinked to their respective mp3 files @ SPAA. Most importantly - each show's page features a list of every bootleg the show has appeared on. Boots with the entire CD-available setlist get the "Complete Show" stamp in their listing, other boots get a "missing this" or "only has that." (So, if you find a show that interests you, you'll know the best place to get it - at least in terms of completion. Quality? Look to the boot reviews, sista.)

Submission Section:
Where we taunt you until you cower and do what we say. ...Or, to put it another way, where you hand in your thoughts on these bootleg CDs. Informing the lesser-known of the goods/evils of these boots. Oh, aye! We'll even get them up there, won't we guys? 'Yes, John.'

Credits Section:
Links to other SP resources that we leeched from like the snorting, quivering baby-hogs that we are. Waves to mums. And mention of the kings who constructed this beast.

They's ass on TV. Watch it 'til we upload Jackboot v1.0 to the splendor that is This site will be maintained by John Mulhausen and Mark Andrew Hamilton. 1997 + circle c. aye.