Unknown Interview

(Thanks to Chri Taylor for typing this out for us)

Billy: The worst ones are usually the most repetitive ones, such as 'Where did you get the band name?' that seems to never end...

Interviewer #1: What do you say to that?

Billy: Huh?

Interviewer #1: What do you say to that?

Billy: I say 'Halo Of Flies' was taken. Listen to that!

Billy: Uh, next question.

Interviewer #2: Did you change anything that you've done so far? Or is that the second dumbest question?

Billy: Uh, well, yeah, maybe a little bit. I think I woulda gone more...

Interviewer #1: He woulda made the chick a brunette...

Billy: I woulda mowed Steve Albini's lawn, and maybe made friends with him that way, but I refused to mow his lawn, and ever since then, he's been our arch enemy.

Interviewer #1: He has. Seriously, seriously, I know Albini, and Albini like, is like a total prick, but he woulda loved this guy, had he mowed his lawn in North Chicago.

Interviewer #2: Is that the way it works?

Interviewer #1: That's totally, in Chicago, that's the way it works.

Billy: You think it's all about indie integrity and stuff, it has nothing to do with that...

Interviewer #1: It has nothing to do with integrity...

Billy: It's all about lawn maintenance.

Interviewer #1: If you mow his lawn he'd love you! I'm not exaggerating man!

Interviewer #1: Alright, go ahead...

Interviewer #2: Did you, when you were a kid, did you have tree forts, and cool stuff like that?

Billy: No.

Interviewer #2: Anything like that?

Billy: No, I was too busy being inside being sad.

Interviewer #1: C'mon, question man. He was being sad. You only get one more question! Go ahead!

Interviewer #2: What would you like to say?

Billy: Uh, what would I like to say?

Interviewer #2: Anything that you wanna add...

Billy: Um, gee uh, I hope the youth of America isn't too disappointed in me, that's all I really have to say...

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