"Teeth--The Official Magazine Of Lollapalooza"
Lollapalooza Tour of 1994
Thanks to Mike Anderson for typing this out

Greetings from the smashing pumpkins to all people from all walks of life, whatever race, creed, or body piercings you may have. When not dabbling with the mysteries of life (music, emotions, the Plymouth ??amp) or cohabiting with extraterrestrials, we come to kick out the jams! Ah, yeah! Lollapalooza '94! Ya know it! There will be no cynicism, jeering, or selfishness, (Leave those jaded feelings to the bands.) On this day there will be a fine assortment of sight, sound, and information, including the rock, hip-hop, and skiffle styles (and dare I mention the fried-dough vendors). Now the stage is set, the sun has winked its eye "goodnight," and you wish you hadn't eaten all that fried dough. The smashing pumpkins have hit the stage! Euphoria, exaltation, the Doppler effect. The sonic seagull flies high above us all, beckoning with her lilting song. "Oh will you fly with me? To the sea? Body-surfing upon the viscous tether of the crowd, banging thy heads, sprouting yon evil hands...." We will follow this mysterious bird across America this summer from Los Angeles to new York in search of ... (Yes, we love Leonard Nimoy!) Rock and roll! We hope that all in attendance will have a fun, safe day, enjoy as many bands as possible, take in some good memories of music, friends, and fried dough.
P.S. For God's sake, check out the bands on the Second Stage.

To be honest, I don't have a lot to say. After a year of shows and interviews, I find that I have said just about everything regarding anything about my life and my time in the band. My words and actions have often been misconstrued, misunderstood, and taken out of context to fit someone else's conception of who I am and what I do. Often the people who write and say these things have never written a song, made an album, or played onstage. I guess you could say this would be the perfect opportunity to say what I really think and feel. I will never stop being honest and I will never again be what someone wants or wishes me to be. It's just the way I feel right now. I just want to play and sing music I love and am proud of. I hope you like it, and I hope you enjoy all the bands and atmosphere today. We truly are happy to be here with you, although it may not always seem that way. I wish you happy thoughts and sunny days. --Billy

Top Ten Rilly Neat Things--by James Iha
1) "Sometimes all you can sing is really slow country music...." (torch and ballad songs always make me cry).
2) My dog Bugg ( of course ).
3) That special lady in my life.....Chicago.
4) Mohair, silver satin, full body-glove wear.
5) Favorite foods: mashed potatoes, pizza, sushi, hummous.
6) Advance technology and science (i.e. being able to turn the lights on and off in my apartment by clapping).
7) Great film performances: Wilford Brimley in John Carpenter's The Thing and Patricia Arquette in True Romance.
8) Chainsaw Kittens' "Sore on the Floor" (from the Pop Heiress LP). Some sample lyrics *Well, I've got my Motorola, and you got your new motor." Brilliant.
9) Sassy Magazine
10) New wave

Jimmy Chamberlin's Top Ten Reasons To Go On Tour
1) Gooch does my laundry!
2) Do you know where Grinnell is? I do!
3) Don't have to clean my apartment for months on end.
4) Can go weeks on end without bathing.
5) The kids, the kids, the kids, and the kids!
6) Hotel food is a true culinary experience--a dance of the palate.
7) Never get to spend enough time with James, Billy, and D'Arcy.
8) Sharpen up on my video game skills--especially Lethal Enforcer.
9) Gives me a chance to exchange viruses with my friends.
10) Catering food is a true culinary experience--a dance of the palate.

D'Arcy's Top Ten Tour Distractions
1) Vodka and Maalox.
2) Pretend the tour bus is a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean.
3) Spend a lot of time changing from one stinky hotel room to another stinky hotel room.
4) Spend a lot of time walking around directionless looking for the dressing room.
5) Spend a lot of time walking around directionless looking for catering.
6) Spend a lot of time walking around directionless looking for the stage.
7) Try to convince Johnny Cash to let me do a sing-along.
8) Spend time telling pumpkins fans, "No, I haven't seen Eddie Vedder lately."
9) Complain about everyone else's complaining.
10) Try to convince security, "Yes, I am in the band, and would you please let me backstage."

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