Switch Magazine
July 1998

IN: adore
BC: adore its ready. you can open it.

IN: shave
BC: I dont have to much to say about it. Now I have long hair and black.

IN: Girls
BC: there are a pain in the ass; but I adore them, they are beautifull. I can live with them but also with out them; I try in both cases.

IN: James Iha
BC: Bad

IN: D'arcy
BC: mad

IN:William Patrick Corgan Jr.
BC: confused

IN: sintetizer
BC: Very borring, the machines doesnt rock and roll. In the future the things will have a sintetized shape.

IN: Dead
BC: I dont believe it has a lot of meaning. Its not a funny subject. Maybe in Mexico it is, but it isnt here in the US. In Mexico it is a party, and its right before the people realized that the life is so short, and you have to live it right here, right now. In the US we think like we are never going to die.

IN: basketball
BC: Michael Jordan

IN: Martha Corgan
BC: She's not here anymore. She died two years ago. she was a great person. There is the song from adore called for martha, It isnt exactly about her , but she inpired it.

IN: stepmother
BC: She still lives, She is a good woman.

IN: Homer Simpson
BC: a friend

IN:Tonight Tonight
BC: I dont know what to say about it. A pretty song.

IN: Salvador Dali
BC: I was a dali fan but not anymore. Some time in the past His work touch me. I think He was a genius and help me to see the future. He was saturated by culture, and maybe that makes his work so pure... the same it affects the pure of my work.

IN: singing
BC: I have a strange voice. Singing its a very strange situation for me. I only open the mouth and the song is out, but I dont recognized like mine necesarly. I never took singing lessons before now; I want to sing better, dont change my voice, be a better singer. If someone doesnt like my voice, I dont know what to say, because it the only one I have. I dont sing like that because I want, Its because thats my voice.

IN: Walt Disney
BC: He's also dead. He also was a genius. His understanding about the future was huge: he understanded that it was going to be a imitation and no a reality. Now we live in the imitation, not in reality.

IN: Religion
BC:boring. god is very boring. I believe in god like a creator and center of all, but I dont believe that a religion can resolve all. God is a pure concept, Religion isnt .

IN: beatles
BC: The best band in all times. Nobody will be better than the beatles. Imposible: the times have changed a lot, these arent ingenuous times, and the beatles come from an ingenuous times. Nobody has made so good music in only seven years.

BC: Our first album. Talking about ingenuous, this one is very ingenuous, and if the people like it, is because that. Its pure. We didnt know what we were doing.

IN: Smashing pumpkins
BC: Its a non stop circus. I woke up one day and I was the clown and I didnt know why.

IN: Chris Fabion
BC: I prefer not to coment about her.

IN: Disarm
BC: I say all in that song.

BC: I havent seen it but it doesnt interest me.

BC: You may want anything else, it's a decision. You can or cant use them; you can jump from a building or you cant. You can read a book or you cant; it doesnt matter. Is what you want to do with your life.The drugs are not the problem, the people is the problem

IN: The new album of James Iha
BC: Its good, interesting. He has a lot of talent. Its better than I think it was going to be. He worked hard. The people think that put out a disc its easy. He had all under control.

IN: Assasination
BC: It isnt something I am used to think about.

IN: Yelena Yemchuck
BC: With out commentaries. She is my girlfriend. My only girlfriend.

IN: Corporations.
BC: The new governments. They rule the world, not the governments.

BC: The interviews come designed and the person has to negociate, guess what does the interviewer think I am, before talking to him. A lot of interviewers try to demonstrate that the person they are interviewing its not that marvellous like the people thinks.

BC: I love fans. I respect them a lot. You need a lot of energy to be one. They can do anything with my life, they can change me in what they want, they can rise me or drown me, I am only an object, a character of a comic. But they cant affect me. I like to have fans.

IN: sex
BC: It doesnt interest me, I can reject it.

BC: I dont reject love. love is what you are, love is suicide.

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