Billy Corgan Live

Regis and Kathie Lee

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

Regis: Me and Billy Corgan are in constant contact

Kathie Lee: Ever since you dumped Bobby Dinero, Billy Corgan been your guy

Regis: I didn't dump Bobby.

Kathie Lee: You dumped him. You've been very rude

Regis: This is the singing part of my life

*Holds up Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album*

Regis: This is the biggest album I think they've ever made. It's absolutely sensational. But, this guy is a hit all over the world.

Kathie Lee: Yes.

Regis: Today, as I came to work ya know there was a bigger crowd then usual outside the door. And I thought isn't it wonderful, I still waiting for me. And this is what happened.

*Clip of BC getting out of limo- TONS of screaming fans*

Kathie Lee: he looks so happy to be here.

Regis: He is. And I thought they were for me.

Kathie Lee: I thought they were for me. So we were all wrong. They were for Billy! Shave your head it might help.


*clip of Tonight, Tonight*

Regis: Here is a letter Billy sent to us a couple years ago saying someday I hope to be on your show. Sometimes I wake up feeling grumpy, and I put on your show to cheer me up, and I hope one day to appear on your show. And that day is here. Right now.

Kathie Lee: We are delighted. How nice.

Regis: It's been nearly ten years since The Smashing Pumpkins exploded to the top of the music charts. They have sold over 20 million albums world wide.

Kathie Lee: Almost as much as you and I have.

Regis: There newest CD, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, made it's debut at number one for the best album in October, been there ever since.

Kathie Lee: Nominated for a lot of Grammy awards coming up.

Regis: Yeah, I think seven. Here he is, the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan.

*XYU playing in background*

Regis: Hey Billy. How ya doing big guy?

Kathie Lee: Billy, nice to meet you.

Regis: Have a seat.

Kathie Lee: What an entrance.

Regis: Billy we made it together. You've made the show, finally. It's good to have you here.

Billy: Thanks.

Kathie Lee: Now, we're were delighted to have received that note from you because we thought we were *in valley girl voice* so like out of it, and all that other stuff. *she snorts* But, then when you then liked us, it was like WOW!

Billy: Well, when I told a lot f people I was going on the show, they were like - Oh, Really.

Kathie Lee: Oh, thanks for the compliment.

Billy: I think a lot more people watch you, then you would think.

Regis: Well, I hope this hasn't hurt your career.

Billy: No, Listen if I haven't hurt it already...

Regis: The Pumpkins just got back from an 18 month tour of the world, huh?

Billy: Uh huh. That's a little bit generous, but yeah pretty much.

Regis: And the reception was pretty much the same every where you went?

Billy: Um, pretty much.

Regis: It's something how music communicates all over the world.

Kathie Lee: Is it any different for you to perform say in Sri Lanka, then say it is Detroit?

Regis: No, I found it's pretty much the same. Especially because of music videos. I think more people understand, and see you. And, it's amazing how many people around the world speak English. Because we can't speak any...

Kathie Lee: Someone goes *in Middle Eastern Accent* Oh that Billy Corgan, I am so crazy about him.

*Everyone laughs*

Kathie Lee: They love you every where.

Regis: So what is it like there out on the road. Young girls still scream and yell and carry on.

Billy: Your obsessed with the subject

Kathie Lee: No, you know what it is. He's so jealous it's unbelievable.

Regis: Yeah.

Kathie Lee: He just said if I could come back in my next life as a rock star.

Billy: I mean all the cliches are there. But, I'm pretty much just about music.

Kathie Lee: Oh, please we are supposed to believe that.

Billy: Well, my family is watching.

Kathie Lee: Look, Billy Corgan's father is sitting right here in the audience with us.

*Camera on William Corgan*

Kathie Lee: Your cleaning up your act for him.

Billy: Thank you.

*She laughs*

Regis: Don't let us shake you up Billy. I'm here to protect you. Believe me. But, ya know, do people ask you...

Billy: Well, I know she likes the long haired men.

Kathie Lee: No, no no babe. No no no. Grass never grows on the playground. You're looking very fine. Of course your no Fabio. But you look just fine.

Billy: I have two names so.

Kathie Lee: So, I could be your mother so lets just drop it at.

Regis: Or the aunt who that never leave home

Kathie Lee: Yes.

Regis: So what's the weirdest things people have ever asked you to autograph.

Kathie Lee: Well, pretty much everything from casts, to breasts, to you name it. Cars...

Regis: No, you name it.

Billy: You can think of it, I've been asked to sign it.

Kathie Lee: And you've never just drawn the line and said I don't do that. I'm all about music.

Billy: Uh...

Regis: Billy the Grammy's are coming up. You've been nominated for seven awards. Congratulations.

Billy: Thank you

Kathie Lee: Is it boring by now to be nominated for so many things?

Billy: No, not at all. I mean, we've came from kind a an underground kind a music movement. We've never though we would be accepted into the mainstream, or even be recognized by you know something like the Grammy's. So to us, it's kind a like icing on the cake.

Kathie Lee: We've heard so much about that. How they rocked the underground. Sort of the alternative music people. Then it became accepted by the mainstream. And the you start getting all kind a of criticism for becoming commercial and selling out. And that sort a thing.

Billy: Well, A lot of it is based on jealousy.

Kathie Lee: You bet.

Billy: A lot of it is based on people not really understanding. We come from Chicago. Which is kind of a working class city. We have never really viewed music as kind of you in and your out. So it's the same type of thing with the show.

Kathie Lee: Yeah.

Billy: if you like the show, you like it. I never really bothered me about who likes my music. Just as long as someone likes it.

Kathie Lee: Your just so normal. That's probably really bad for your image.

Billy: Your seeing me in the morning. It's very early.

*Clip of Tonight, Tonight*


*Clip of Thirty-Three*

Regis: That was the video for "Thirty-Three". Music videos are so important now. Do you have e a hand in what is depicted on screen when they make a video version of your album?

Billy: Yeah, originally we just thought you pay someone bunch of money, and they do it for you. And then we realized that they didn't know what they were doing. So we found people who we could work with. Who would work in conjunction with us.

Kathie Lee: And let it be yours vision.

Billy: Yeah, and it's surprising. The ore of ourselves that we put in the videos. The more successful the videos have become. So it just made us try even harder.

Regis: And the albums. now what about Grammy night. What are you going to wear?

Billy: I don't know. I'm not good with clothes.

Regis: Would you like to borrow this sit? It has four buttons. Count them. Four buttons.

Billy: It's a little small for me.

Kathie Lee: He has three. Now Billy, you wear them a little short. Is there a reason for that?

Billy: Um, I can't find any that fit. I'm 6'3". Most people thing I'm kind a small.

Kathie Lee: 6'3"? Big boy.

Regis: So Billy, your a fan, you watch the show a lot. Have we influenced your music at all. When do you write? In the morning?

Billy: See, I usually write songs in the morning. I get up about 8 or 9 o'clock.

Regis: Exactly when we are on.

Kathie Lee: That's early for a rock star.

Regis: Now Billy, you can't tell me we didn't influence some of these songs.

Billy: You have an indirect influence on this album.

Regis: That's right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Which song in particular?

Kathie Lee: They've sold 20 million of them, Regis.

Regis: Which song does Regis and Kathie Lee enter into here?

Billy: I would say the song they were just showing here, "Thirty-Three".

Kathie Lee: My age.

Regis: And that's a big hit. You just get up and these thought comes to you, and you put them down.

Billy: I've found that I'm much more of a clear headed person in the morning. As the day goes on and the phone calls come in, and people bug me or what ever. I can't concentrate. A lot of times I'd just get up in the morning and put on your show.

Kathie Lee: Call out attorney. You know you've been a major influence on me too, Billy. I just want you to have my "Sentimental" album and my "Dream ship" album. Enjoy. Four copies sold world wide. Four copies.

Billy: Who are these children?

Kathie Lee: I don't know I got them from central casting.

Regis: Your lucky you didn't get Cody's book too. But anyway...

Kathie Lee: And I want you to direct my next video.

Regis: Here it is everybody, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Right now number one hit around the world.

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