D'Arcy of the Smashing Pumpkins
Rolling Stone
March 7, 1996

CEMETERIES There's one, way out in the country where I live, that we ride to on our horses. Its fun because the grounds are so nicely kept. You don't have to worry about holes in the way-unless someone's digging one for somebody.

CHILDREN'S BOOKS I read children's books more than adult one's. I bring a copy of ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND with me wherever I go. It's twisted. I cried when Dr. Suess died, and I love Maurice Sendak. I don't know if Edward Gorey is for children-maybe children that are all cut up.

DURAN DURAN I don't know if I should admit this. I wasn't a groupie or anything- I wanted to BE them. John Taylor had the best bass lines. Fucking rock solid, man. He uses some stupid guitars, but he's good.

CARTOON NETWORK Space Ghost and that praying mantis thing-they're so funny. Its not for kids-they wouldn't appreciate it.

KATHERINE HEPBURN She's my idol. I feel I could talk to her forever. She'd probably be annoyed, but at least she'd tell me. She'd say, "Get the hell out of here." At the end of her book there's this picture of her now in her garden. She's smiling, holding a little sign that says, "Please go away."

"I LOVE YOU ALICE B. TOKLAS" Hy Averback Smoke pot, watch that movie, and you'll die laughing. Peter Sellers is hysterical.

"STAR TREK' and "THE X-FILES" I'm a big STAR TREK fan, but I'm not into the conventions or the ears or anything like that. I'm suprised they put THE X-FILES on the air, because on the theories on there are so close.

THE FLAMING LIPS They're all very cool. Their records kept me sane during the Lollapalooza tour and all that crap.

CATHERINE They're mixing their new record right now, and it will be amazing, but people will think I'm saying it because they're my husband's band.

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