Pop-Up Video
Vh1 - November 2, 1997
Tonight, Tonight video
Typed by Nikki Christoff

**Nikki's Note: For all of you who don't know what Pop-Up video is, I will explain. Pop-Up Video is a show on the music channel VH1. It plays videos and has quirky and fun facts that "pop-up" onto the screan as the video plays. It's pretty cool.**

  • Shot on a sound stage in Valencia, CA, May 1996

  • The video was inspired by the 1902 silent film 'A Trip To The Moon' by George Melies

  • The directors wanted to use the same technology available to Melies.

  • 2 dementional sets (note: pointing to the air baloon)

  • Antique costumes (note: points to the actors clothing)

  • Overcoming (note: showing the old women clapping)

  • A vintage hand-cranked camera was used to achieve a silent film era feel.

  • Singer, Billy Corgan
    Born March 17, 1996
    st. Patrick's Day

  • Billy insists the band's name is not a reference to Halloween

  • Vanilla icing (note: pointing to the moon)

  • He was using "smashing" in the british sland as in great.

  • The Great Pumpkin was already taken (note: shows small picture of Charlie Brown)

  • Folklore: if you wish for love on a full moon, under your foot will be a hair of your future mate

  • These 2 lept into marriage 1 month later (note: the couple in the video)

  • The future groom required a sedative

  • The directors original concept was a send-up of '30s Hollywood musicals.

  • The Red Hot Chilli Peppers beat them to it 0 the had to re-conceive the video.

  • The director's daughter, conceived: February 1992 (note: poins to the little girl on the moon)

  • Trampoline (note: the alien is jumping around)

  • In 1835, newspapers reported 4 foot tall copper-colored humanoids living on the moon.

  • (shows picture of Bart Simpson) It was a prank.

  • Drummer Jimmy Chamerlain was fired in July of 1996 for being "smashed" too often.

  • Some of the aliens were "moonlighting" Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Bassist D'Arcy's biggest carrer influence: "People I hate."

  • Her first conversation with Billy was a fight.

  • Successful hypnosis requires small subtle movements.

  • Umbrellas are used to thwart approximately 750 crimes per year.

  • Some criminals have also found them useful.

  • A space vechicle must move 7 miles per second to escape the earth's gravitational pull.

  • At that rate, a trip from New York to Los Angeles would take 7 minutes/

  • The farthest a pumpkin has ever been hurled by catapult: 2,710 feet

  • Pumpkins float

  • Snashing Pumpkins isn't the only popular Halloween prank:
    -toilet papering treed
    Egging houses
    Igniting bags of dog-doo
    Throwing water balloons

  • An octopus turns red when mad.

  • It turns white if it wants to mate.

  • In 1929, George Melies destroyed all his negatives and gave up film making.

  • He had gone mad over the continuarl imitation of his films.

  • The video's directors found a way to give credit where credit was due.

  • They named the boat after him.

  • 5 years after calling it quits, George Melies turned up selling toys in a Paris train station. He was considered one of the film'searliest inventors and the father of slow and fast motion. These directors were also considered innovators despite the use of old fashioned technology. The video won MTV's 1996 Breakthrough Video of the year.

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