December 95 mademoiselle

*A Babe in Boyland*

She's always played with the guys. Now D'arcy (no last name, please) plays bass for The Smashing Pumpkins--Most recently on their dense, mesmerizing double cd, Melon (that's how they spelled it) Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Here's her story: *I never could have withstood being in a band without training from growing up with my sisters. It started when I was born--My older sister was very jealous. Once, in winter, she locked me outside in my diapers. I was thrown into large bodies of water countless times. I had to retaliate. Remember in *Apocalypse Now,* when Brando said you have to horrify people into submission? Well, I was a tiny, scrappy kid that did outlandish things. I was known for throwing knives. Defending myself helped turn me into a tomboy. I played Cowboys and Indians instead of with dolls; most of my friends were boys.

In high school, I was buddies with guys. It got really weird when they got crushes on me. But I was always interested in some man I didn't know at all. I completely broke that pattern with my husband. Kerry and I knew each other from the studio [he's a drummer]; then he came on tour with us [for the group's first album, Gish] as a producer. We were a poor rock band, and he had to share rooms with me and Billy [Corgan, lead singer]. So I had known Kerry for several months, and I knew all his good points. Like, he talks in his sleep--Basically, that's how I found out he liked me. And you know what? He doesn't even remember.*

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