Pumpkins Star`s Xmas Cracker
August 16, 1997.
Thanks to Dave Cole for the article

Corgan records solo song for charity album

"Smashing Pumpkins mainman Billy Corgan has recorded a solo song for the upcoming charity record `A Very Special Christmas`

Apparently, Corgan recorded the song - appropriatley titled `Christmastime` - when he was in New York recently, producing the new solo album from Ric Ocasek, the Bad Brains/Hole producer who was also a one-time member of classic `80s American pop-rock band The Cars.

So far, there has been no confirmation as to who else played on `Christmastime` with Corgan.

`A Very Special Christmas` will be released at the end of the year, although the label it will be issued on has yet to be confirmed. Apart from Corgan`s contribution, the festive record will also feature Orange County superstars No Doubt, who have recorded a cover of the song `Oi To The World` originally by cult Califronian punks The Vandals"

In a box to the side of the main feature, Kerrang! have added, under the title of "Pumpkin Power", the following three bullet points:-
*The Smashing Pumpkins are expected to go into the studio within the next few weeks to begin recording the follow-up to the mega-selling `Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness` LP.
*As usual, the Chicago superstars are keeping details on the project very much under wraps, although if recent single `The End Is The Beginning Is The End` is anything to go by, it`l be very different to `Mellon Collie......`
*One thing that won`t be happening in Pumpkinland is a low-key US tour later this year. There have been recent reports that the band woul;d play selected club dates accross America, but this has now been totally refuted by official sources.

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