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The Smashing Pumpkins are the latest band to fall foul of an elaborate hoax on the internet. Journalists worldwide were sent into a frenzy last week after a press release appeared on the internet announcing that the Pumpkins would be releasing an electronic oriented album called "The World Turned Down" in October with an acoustic record called "Autumn Nocturne" in the shops two weeks later. The statement further goes onto claim that frontman Billy Corgan is forming a SUPERGROUP WITH mARILYN mANSON, TWIGGY RAMIREZ AND eX-nin DRUMMER cHRIS vRENNA. aND THE NAME OF THIS BAND? fAIRY.

All of this has turned out to be complete fiction,invented by a fan of the band.

AND JAMES GOES SOLO -Whilst the stuff about a new Pumpkins album is rubbish, fans can at least expect a new LP from guitarist James Iha. -He apparently is working on a solo album, which he hopes to release through Scratchie (the label he co-runs with bassist D'arcy)

On October 7th the New York Outfit Ivy will be releasing a new album. Adam Schlesinger also a member of the infectious pop group Fountains of Wayne will be releasing a new album. The new record features some back -up work by Smashing Pumpkin James Iha.

The Pumpkins appearance at Glastonbury in June was less than well received. Kerrang writes: Trust the Pumpkins to bring the mood down. If the slaphead one truly believes that rock is dead, then he could at least have the decency not to desecrate the corpse. At their best the Smashing Pumpkins are untouchable, emotional, and utterly inspiring. tonight the Chicago band are far from their best. In a big sodden field the intimacy of songs like Porcelina are swept away on the wind and it's only when Corgan and Co. dumb down their bombastic attack (bullet, Fuck You) that they truly impress. And for fuck's sake Billy lose the tie...

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