The kerrang challenge

The trivia quiz the stars love to

This week's contestants are... Name: SMASHING PUMPKINS Occupation: The world's most successful alternative rock band Specialist subject: Infinite sadness, a history

1. Who is the singer in Garbage? Billy Corgan: "Shirley Manson."

2. Who plays James Bond in 'Goldeneye'? James Iha: "Pierce Brosnan."

3. Who are the current Superbowl champions?

Billy: "Dallas Cowboys."

4. What's the title of the current Red Hot Chili Peppers album?

Billy: "'One Hot Minute'."

5. What kind of drink is Guinness?

Billy: "Beer."

James: "Lager."

D'Arcy: "Ale."

Jimmy Chamberlin: "Stout."

James: "Piece of shit."

Jimmy: "It's stout, right?"

James: "You gotta give him that."

Kerrang!: Sorry we can only accept your first answer.

Billy: "I didn't know there were so many fucking rules."

6. What is the capital of Germany?

Billy: "Hitlerville?"

Jimmy: "That would be Bonn."

James: "Whoah! Champion! Champion!"

7. You're in an English pub and you need a packet of three condoms. How much will they cost?

Jimmy: "It could cost you your life."

Billy: "A pound? I'm validating how much it'd be worth for me."

8. People are scared to eat beef in England right now. What are they afraid of contracting?

Jimmy: "Mad Cow Disease."

Billy: "It's the same thing that the guy from Pulp got. When he got onstage with Michael Jackson? St. Vitus' Dance? When you attack children?"

9. What's the currency in Spain?

James: "The current what?"

Jimmy: "Passata."

D'Arcy: "Jimmy watches a lot of 'Jeopardy'. Do you guys have that in England? It's a quiz show, but you give us the answer and then we give you the question. That's why we're so slow. We're used to giving the questions."

Kerrang!: Shall we try it like that?

Billy: "No."

James: "No."

Jimmy: "No."

D'Arcy: "Yeah, let's do it."

10. The answer is 'Serve The Servants'.

Billy: "That's the answer? The title of a Nirvana song?"

James: "What's the second song on in 'In Utero'?"

Billy: "Originally, the first song on 'In Utero' was supposed to be the song that ended up on that compilation. 'Verse Chorus Verse', whatever. We were thinking back to the original running order."

11. Who won the soccer World Cup in Los Angeles in June 1994?

Billy: "Is there a time limit? It was a South American country..."

Kerrang!: Sorry, no clues.

All: "Awww!"

Billy: "It wasn't Argentina, was it?"

D'Arcy: "Always say Argentina."

Billy: "I didn't say Brazil because I thought blue. Baggio was on what team?"

Kerrang!: Italy.

Billy: "Oh well..."

12. What is John Major's wife called?

D'Arcy: "Slut."

Billy: "Minor?"

Jimmy: "The twat in the hat."

Billy: "Er, Carmella Bowles?"

Jimmy: "That's Prince Charles' bit of stuff."

Billy: "Don't know."

13. In which round of their recent world heavyweight title fight did 'Iron' Mike Tyson KO Frank Bruno?

Billy: "Third."

14. What's the name of the Beastie Boys' style mag? Jimmy: "Oh, I know this one. Grand Royal."

15. Spell 'Edinburgh'.

Billy: "E-D-I-N..."

D'Arcy: "...B-O-R-O-U-G-H."

16. Oh dear. Who is the Bon Jovi's drummer?

Jimmy: "Tico Torres."

D'Arcy: "You shouldn't know that!"

Billy: "He's also got a hot model for his girlfriend. That's how we know who he is."

17. In the center of London's Piccadilly Circus, there is a statue of which figure?

D'Arcy: "Um! Um!"

Jimmy: "The Hydra."

D'Arcy: Doctor Doolittle."

Jimmy: "Jason & The Argonauts."

Kerrang!: It's Eros.

Billy: "Yeah, because when I think of London, I think of love."

Jimmy: "The Statue Of Smog!"

18. Who plays loanshark and gangster Chill Palmer in 'Get Shorty'?

James: "Danny DeVito?"

Billy: "No, it's John Travolta."

19. What colour is the new Pepsi can?

Billy: "Blue."

20. What is the title of the Rage Against The Machine song that goes: 'Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!?

D'Arcy: "Er, 'Fuck you, I Won't Do What You Tell Me'?"

Billy: "Killing In The Name'."

21. If an English person told you that your manager is "on the dog", what would they mean?

Billy: "It means he's got a standing hampton."

D'Arcy: "It means he's fired."

22. No, it doesn't. What was the last 'Die Hard' movie called?

Billy: "'Die Hard With A Vengeance'."

23. Which song begins with the line: 'Son, she said, have I got a little story for you'?

Billy: "Pearl Jam, 'Alive'."

24. If you ordered spotted dick in an English cafe, what would you get?

James: "I'd call a doctor."

Jimmy: "It's like an ice-cream dessert-type thing."

Kerrang!: You'll have to get closer than that.

James: "I don't wanna get closer!"

Billy: "It's that disease Michael Jackson's got."

James: "We have something like that in America. You'd have to ask for it, cos it's not always on the menu. It's called hot faeces!"

25. Which is correct: the yolk of an egg is white, or the yolk of an egg are white?

Jimmy: "Neither. The yolk of an egg are yellow, ha ha!"

Billy: "This is the second interview in a row where somebody's said something about the yolk of an egg."

Jimmy: "You can beat an egg, but you can't beat a wank!"

ANSWERS: 1. Shirley Manson; 2. Pierce Brosnan; 3. Dallas Cowboys; 4. 'One Hot Minute'; 5. Stout; 6. Bonn; 7. 1 pound; 8. Mad Cow Disease; 9. The peseta;10. What is the first song on Nirvana's album 'In Utero'?; 11. Brazil; 12.Norma; 13. Third; 14. Grand Royal; 15. Edinburgh; 16. Tico Torres; 17. Eros;18. John Travolta; 19. Blue; 20. 'Killing In The Name'; 21. 'Dog and bone'is the cockney rhyming slang for telephone; 22. 'Die Hard With A Vengeance';23. 'Alive' by Pearl Jam; 24. A sponge pudding with raisins; 25. The yolk of an egg is indeed yellow.


THE VERDICT: Clearly, the Pumpkins are smarter than your average rock band. And they're not the miserable buggers that we all thought they were!

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