Howard Stern Interviews Billy Corgan
K-Rock 92.3
Typed by Nikki Christoff

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Billy Corgan = BC
Yelena Yumchuck = YY
Marilyn Manson = MM
Joan River = JR

BC: Howard...

HS: I am so psyched that you came.

BC: Howard it's unbelievable. More then the Grammies.

R: Yeah! He was the one that told me it was more exciting then last night on the Grammies.

BC: It is ten times more exciting then the Grammies

HS: Yeah, Maryilyn Manson is here.

MM: Howard!

HS: Hey! Did you have a good time?

MM: The movie was great. This is the weiredest thing. An anodoct for you. You know that part in the movie where you're in the theatre and someones rubbing you leg.

HS: Yeah.

MM: I was sitting with Jenna Jamison. And she was doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

HS: Oh! Your kinding me. Really?

MM: Yeah. I'm not kidding. I didn't know the schene was coming up.

HS: Really? Your so lucky. Why couldn't I...

R: You didn't get to sit next Jenna.

HS: I'm sitting next to Sherry Lachy, head of Paramount. And she kept shaking my hand during the movie. And I go 'honey, come on'.

BC: That's called money Howard. That's called money.

HS: Come one give me some action here.

BC: No, no, no. Money equals action.

HS: I know.

BC: It'll add up in the end.

HS: So, I saw you on the Grammies. That was a great preformance. I'm a huge fan of the band.

BC: I appreciate that.

HS: I can't tell you how exciting it is to have you here.

R: Really.

HS: And all ready i've already told the MTV audience about how much I love the band Marilyn Manson. And having them on the soundtrack is just incredible.

MM: Thanks man. You know what. Billy, and Twiggy & I are working on a side project together.

R: Is that right!?!

HS: Is that true?

MM: Yeah that's true.

BC: It's called "Fruity".

HS: Really?

MM: We are thinking about calling it fruity.

BC: No, I think Fruit is the name. So now somehow you are connected to Fruity.

HS: I may want to jam with you guys. Now that I am a rock star. Did you see my preformance with Rob Zombie?

MM: Yeah, I seen it on tv.

HS: It was rockin'.

BC: The fact that you actually pulled off a movie, makes me think now that you can do anything. If you can pull off a movie...

HS: Yeah. I never expected I would pull off a movie.

R: But you did!

HS: For a while it looked like I would never pull it off. Because it took four years to get it to the screen.

R: We never though we would get before cameras.

HS: I never did.

MM: You know what's great, that I always respected it is the Ziggy Stardust theory. Is that you tell people you are the biggest thing in the world. And then you become it. And that's what you done

HS: Yeah.

MM: That's what I did. I what I did was as soon as I got to Los Angeles I kept saying 'hey, i'm ready to make movies now. We are going to make movies.' And someone bought into it. Which was really weird.

R: Keep doing that.

HS: That is the theory. So you went to the Grammies last night Billy. And you won one. Did you care? Or it's cool not to care, right?

BC: Well, yeah. It was cool to win. It was worse to lose. So...

HS: Yeah.

BC: I don't know if I like the losing part.

MM: It's even worse not to be nominated.

R: There you go!

BC: There you go! I'm with you on that. Ok

HS: And I didn't even introduce... Is this your girlfriend Elana?

BC: Yeah, Yelena.

HS: Yelena?

BC: Yeah. Who you've met.

HS: Yeah I know. I met you at that hotel right? That sounds Fruity.

BC: Yeah, we met in Howards room.

YY: Thank you.

HS: Are you two kids getting married, or what?

YY: I can't hear anything.

BC: I'm still married Howard, so...

R: You mean...

BC: But, not to her see.

HS: Oh, you are married?

BC: Yeah. We might skip that part.

HS: That's what i'm thinking of doing. I'm thinking of dating.

R: You work on your next wife, while you still have your first one.

HS: How did you work that?

R: You gotta be in Rock n Roll

BC: You gotta win a Grammy.

HS: You gotta win a Grammy?

BC: You don't understand the post grammy success.

HS: What happened - you married real young. Before you got famous.

R: He's still real young Howard.

HS: No, I mean like 14 or something.

BC: I'm about to get divorced, Howard.

HS: Oh are you really?

BC: We'll save that for another...

R: Isn't that going to be expensive.

HS: Oh yeah.

MM: Do you wanna know what? UM... these two guys were having a 'who can look like Cory Felmon in Friday the 13th Part 4 when he shaved his head' contest. And we saw Corey Felmon and we asked, who wins? He said Billy won.

HS: Yeah.

BC: But wait, he got Corey Felmon to put on lipstick. He actually looked like Al Lewis on the Munsters. It was frightening. I don't know what's up with that.

HS: Billy, i'm such a huge fan of yours. And when I met you you said, I don't know if I should come on the show because you'll goof on me. I would never goof on you. I love the band.

BC: Well, you know it's one of those things that I am a fan. And I don't want you to hurt my feelings. It's one of those things. I don't want you to fall from grace.

HS: Your music is awesome.

MM: Howard, do you think that i'm big enough to get Joan Rivers.

HS: Let me ask. Hey Joan. Joan. I don't know man. Do you really want that?

BC: Now that you are on top. Don't take any chances.

HS: I'll pay to see that.

MM: Sometimes if there is a lot of girls you gotta pick something that is interesting as art.

HS: Yeah, I hear ya.

R: Hey, Joan is giving you a message. What is the message?

HS: Hey Joan. Come over here.

MM: 'Mr. Manson, met me at the...'

HS: Hey Joan. Marilyn Manson at the end there wants to go out with you really badly.

JR: Which one?

HS: Marilyn. The one at the end.

JR: Spare me.

HS: How shure real is this whole thing. I got Marilyn Manson, Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins. And I got Joan Rivers.

BC: Howard I gotta say this is unbelievable.

HS: It's the biggest premier in history.

R: You've found your place.

HS: Joan, you look good next to Marilyn.

BC: Here is the new TV show.

HS: How happy is Marilyn Manson right now sitting next to Joan Rivers.

MM: Do you want to be in our band Joan?

BC: Joan can be in Fruity.

JR: I'm dying to be in your band.

HS: Joan, did you enjoy the movie?

JR: It's called Fruity?

HS: Oh man, I lost her to the band.

JR: Oh, I think it's SO wonderful. Even if people don't even know you.

HS: Thanks guys for stopping by. Thanks guys.

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