Tearaway Magazine
14 July 1997
Thanks to Robert for sending this to us.

Smashing pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan's cool oozes again from The End is the Beginning is the End, an uptempo rocker that matches the ice and metal aesthetic of the latest installment in the Batman franchise, in theatres on 31 July. For now, Batfans will have to exist on the more than decent audio diet of the soundtrack. The Pumpkin's songs are standouts, along with Jewel's poignant ballad Foolish Games, Goo Goo Doll's rowdier than usual Lazy Eye and R&B vocalist Eric Benet's funky ballad True To Myself. R. Kelly's attempt at being Des'ree on Gotham City is interesting while Me'Shell Ndegeocello's cover of the Leiber & Stroller classic Poison Ivy is worth a listen. REM continue their high standards on the Revolution while British techno wizards Underworld contribute Moaner.

This soundtrack screams cyber, with tracks from Underworld, Moloko, and Soul Coughing. The Smashing pumpkins' single The End is the Beginning is the End has a great darkness which is exciting as an intro. The artists on the CD range from jewel to REM to R.Kelly, so there is a wide range of contributions. There is also a Batman overture, which gives the album an even more diverse feel. overall the album gives the atmosphere of a city crawling with superheroes.

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