The Sound of the Grammy Awards
E! Entertainment
February 17, 1997

Billy Corgan: I think we felt really confident about the people who enjoyed our music, which is a great number of people. We weren't really sure the rest of the world would get it.

Down Town Julie Brown: The members of the Smashing Pumpkins might be the only ones who are surprised by there numerous Grammy nominations. Including Records of the year, from the hit "1979".

*Clip of "1979" video*

Billy Corgan: Someone who I know who is a member of NARAS called me and actually said that we had gotten five nominations, which was totally floored me! I couldn't believe it. Then I found out the next day - No, we had actually gotten seven. It was like a surprise, and then more of a surprise.

Julie Brown: So this group of musicians with attention from a diverse audience is the most flattering part of recognition.

Billy Corgan: It's like the best compliment we could get, honestly. I mean is an alternative kid at 17 like our record, I could pretty much get on that. But, I need 40 year old mom's that said they've fallen in love with the record cause they heard it rumbling down the hall all day. The whole concept of the Smashing Pumpkins is not to exclude anybody. I mean just on our own little era. We all have different ethnic backgrounds. We have different religions. We have different genders. I mean its not in our chemical make-up to think of people in one way or the other. We've never discriminated on any level, age, strata, race, anything. It doesn't matter to us. We just think we make good music, compelling music.

Julie Brown: The band might be a smash now, but has other ideas on what makes a true success.

Billy Corgan I think there is two ways you can judge an album. You can judge an album by it's popularity when it is released, or you can judge an album by it's weight and relivence down the road. i think we've succeeded on having an impact now, but I think your judge will be time.

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