Article written by BILLY while he was in high school

June 6, 1984
by Bill Corgan
Features editor

For our last issue, I thought I would stray from my normal record reviews and do something a little different. There are many new or fairly new bands that have yet to reach national attention, but are worthy of it. This month I'd like to discuss five bands that I think are on their way to national prominence and success.

Leading the pack is U2, a band that has had some exposure through its cable and MTV videos, but has really not cracked with a major hit. The band's latest album, "War," perfectly summed up the U2 sound. Backed by guitarist The Edge, lead singer Bono pounces upon stage and people with songs filled with valor and sincerity; specifically "Gloria" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Watch out for U2, because the chemistry is there, they just have to hit the right chord...

R.E.M. is a band that will probably never break the mainstream radio market, but I don't think they care. Their sound is one of Doors-like mysticism and musical similarity to Credence Clearwater Revival. My favorite song from R.E.M. is "South Central Rain (I'm Sorry)" which reminds me of what playing real music is like. Songs like these hit home. They're simple but poignant in their manner and sincerity. R.E.M. is a good thing to latch on to...

I think what typifies all these bands is sincerity and desire, sincerity of tone and the desire of success. For your own ears, check them out.

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