April 1997
Thanks toRobert for sending this to us

40 Most Vital Artists in Muisic Today 2]THE SMASHING PUMPKINS "Believe in me," Billy Corgan sings on ĘTonight, TonightĘ and why not? No rock band wants to be bigger in the world than the Smashing Pumpkins or has more claim to that title. It┤s easy to feel piquedat Corgan┤s ambition, which is as bald as his skull, large as his two-did someone say 5? CD set, and all consuming as the mass adoration he craves. But after Nevermind opened the airwaves, only the Pumpkins, and the Nine inch Nails found the will to craft a sound so cataclysmic in its largeness, yet never settling for dated bombast.

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